my mother's craft


To this day, the hum of my mother's sewing machine is the most comforting sound I know. She's always kept her (enormous, professional grade) sewing machine in my room. When I was younger, I would wake up to the subtle buzz of the machine's motor and the frequent clip clips of her metal scissors.


I think my siblings and I have all taken her skills for granted-- we grew up with our own personal seamstress and probably never realized how unique her craft is. Beyond hemming hundreds of pairs of pants, fitting my sisters' wedding gowns, and making my prom dress(es) from scratch; I often forget that her skills are another form of art.

almost finished

At the moment, my aunt's wedding dress is hanging in our living room. She bought it plain and on sale but wanted to customize it somehow, so my mother started adding this lace and beading by hand.

She's amazing.

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