philz coffee


It felt like I was the last person in the entire world to have tried Philz. Or at least the Bay Area.

No matter. Sunday was beautiful- it felt like summer. I left my coat in the car, walked in the sunshine, got in line at Philz and decided to get a chai-- my default drink everywhere I go.

At Philz, each cup is brewed individually. You walk up, place your order in a little booth-like window, then wait. While I stood in line I heard certain names get called more often than others. Tesora. Jacobs. Iced Mint Mojito.

The minute I heard the mojito I felt it was too warm for chai. Why not try something new? So I changed my order on a whim.

Anyone can stand in a coffee shop and hear the finished orders, but I like to think this particular piece of heaven found me.