23 unedited

23 unedited

If the past couple of days are any indication of the year to come, I think there will be a lot of change.

Right now, I like to wear my hair down more than I wear it up. My bangs are always in my eyes and my hair tangles more than I like to admit.

I believe in birthdays.

My bed is always a mess. I use it as extra storage space when I don't put things away and have, for most of April, slept with my ukulele.

I wake up early. I love mornings. Coffee does nothing for me.

It takes me less than 10 minutes to get ready in the morning. Once, only 3.

It's cat eyes or nothing.

I don't stop to smell the flowers unless they're jasmine. I stop to take photos.

My phone/keys/cell phone are constantly "missing." They're usually in my pocket.

The best thing anyone has ever said to me was, "your soul has a right to breathe." Thanks, Danny.

The funniest thing a stranger has ever said to me was, "so what do you like about me?"

I start with the lower right when brushing my teeth, the upper right when flossing, the left everything when dressing, and the right contact lens always.

I'm not sure if I have a favorite meal. I like to say rice with anything, because it's comforting. Eggs make everything better, too.

This post is taking a lot longer to write than I thought it would. I started earlier this morning, fell asleep, and am back at it.

I'm partial to mustard yellow, lavender, and mint green.

I hope I'll always have freckles on my lips.

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