dolores park and rhea's cafe goodies

Another exhausting weekend, but in the best kind of way. The weather was very un-San Francisco: it was sunny to the point that I got my sandal-tan back after only being in the sun for a few hours. Dolores Park was filled with people lazing and basking.

raiza and bike

I finally got my new (to me) bike.

Cristie was a sweetheart during the whole search process-- answering my bike-noob questions and giving advice over the span of a few months. My first trip was to my sister's house. Raine, Raiza, and I are all planning to take a little bike trip together soon.

orange carrot ginger soup + yerba mate milk tea

I got to try a lot of new things this weekend like orange-ginger carrot soup and yerba mate milk tea (both are amazing).

boba guys + banana sugar coconut shrimp
party decorations

I spent a lot of time with Amy and her Joshua, getting the last 3 milk teas of the house from Boba Guys and hosting a pad thai party (more on this later, of course).