seven years


My favorite things about him are the way he offers to drive, that he remembers my favorite everything, and how his fingers untangle my hair. He spends about 3 seconds considering what to wear, he's always willing to try new food but also offers the last bite, and he seems to know every athlete to ever play for the Oakland A's. You don't notice them at first, but he has the sweetest blue eyes and the longest lashes-- it's almost unfair. He's the quietest guy in the room but the silliest with my nieces and just about any dog/cat/animal. I can't remember the last time we said good night without a kiss.

He chooses his words carefully, so you know he always means it. I like that he double-knots his laces, that he once asked me what "emo" meant, and that I can never guess what song he's trying to sing. He's the most genuine, the most comfortable, the most everything. And he doesn't even realize it.

Happy 7 years, love.

(Photo from our high school chemistry class, 2006.)

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