the end of the ranunculus


This time last week I couldn't even pronounce ranunculus. I still might not be saying it right. That's not the point.

I wanted to take a picture of these beauties but they were in a vase that didn't match, in a spot with poor lighting, and in an overall inconvenient spot to take photos. So I borrowed a new vase, found a spot by a window, and as I began transferring them over they began to fall apart.

You can see where the petals are starting to wilt, that they're taking their final breath, and one poor bulb just started shedding petals no matter how I held it. The point I'm trying to make but haven't really reached is that these pictures were work. Not a lot, but they certainly weren't effortless. Almost nothing is (nothing that matters, anyway).

I thought about it and tried to make it work but the final product didn't match what I'd imagined. The funny thing is, I think I like them better this way.

at the end
behind the scenes
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