pan con tomate de nuria y cecilia


I'd like to introduce Barcelona here with a simple yet surprisingly delicious recipe-- because Barcelona was simple yet surprisingly delicious to me.

In the past four times I've been to Europe, I've never once sought out Barcelona. It was a city I knew nothing about yet had no itching to see. This may have been just as well because when I finally found myself in this beautiful, tiny big city, I felt right at home in the same ways I felt about Florence.

I'd heard that the Spanish eat later in the day-- lunch at 3 or 4, dinner at 10. Being the grandma I consider myself, I though I'd be immune to such crazy eating times but found that I quickly adapted not because I was following the local schedule, but because I had no sense of time and followed the day wherever it led me. And with meals that lingered at least an hour minimum, I gladly followed.

I was only in Barcelona for about three days. I now understand my friend Shidume's tears upon coming back to San Francisco and just missing the city. I'd hardly had enough time to unpack my luggage and was already head over heels. 

Pan con Tomate
as made by Nuria and Cecilia

Toast good bread. Slice a tomato in half and rub the open side on the toast, gently squeezing as you do. Drip olive oil on top, sprinkle with salt.  Share with good friends next to an open balcony just after it rains. Add avocado if you miss California.