scenes from paris






soon to be gratin

homemade dinner


I've always been reluctant about Paris. 

I'd been twice but hadn't felt the magic or charm that left my fellow Americans swooning.  There was no immediate sense of warmth and home but after this last visit, I think I'd been going about it the wrong way.

Paris is Paris because it's Paris. It's nothing you can plan but as simple as: discovering your new favorite cheese (comte!), homemade dinners, goûter, cobblestone streets, seeing old friends, making new ones, birthday tartes, directions to the post office, braving escargo, relishing macarons, glimpses of the Eiffel Tour, and a simple "dites me" before you know what you want to ask, as if that sweet boy was reading your mind.

All of these things and everything you want to keep for yourself. That's my Paris.

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