camp cooking (featuring snobrød) | mt. diablo


The same weekend I hosted the Kinfolk workshop, I met up with some friends at Mt. Diablo to camp for an evening (apparently, I was making up for 24 years sans camping in one weekend).

I ended up arriving late and leaving early because that weekend was so hectic, but the calm and simplicity of that night camping stayed with me. We cooked dinner, raced over to the vista to see the sunset (ok, ok... I walked), and sat around the fire drinking booze, roasting snobrød, and making inappropriate jokes about said snobrød. I liked that we couldn't do anything else-- that we were each other's entertainment and it never once got old.

As it turns out, camp cooking is relatively easy because it's so simple (and that evening served as a great way to recipe test for the workshop the next day). Karina, the gorgeous blonde pictured above, was visiting from Copenhagen and brought her recipe for Danish snobrød. I wish I'd gotten more photos but if you're camping, I highly recommend making this! Think: a cross between a croissant and a biscuit, eaten fresh and warm off the fire. 

Karina's Snobrød
*Note that this is only approx.; the important thing is that the dough is elastic so that it can be braided.

1 lbs. butter
1,5 cup of milk
3 tea sp. baking powder
2 tea sp. salt 
2.2 lbs. flour

Instructions: Melt the butter lightly and whisk it until it becomes fluffy.   

Add the milk and whisk fluffy once more. Mix flour and baking powder. Add the flour slowly to the butter mixture. Keep adding flour until you reach the desired elasticity. 

To spice things up, ad cardamom for traditional Scandinavian flavor (We could not find any). The dough can also be wrapped around hotdogs. Dipped in Nutella or strawberry jam. 


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