a chance to return home


Having moved 18 times before I turned 18, home has always been an unfamiliar concept to me. It was one that I yearned for, but hadn't quite found for myself.

Then I studied abroad in Florence. I stayed with the sweetest host parents, I was immersed in a new culture, and before I knew it-- an entire city felt like home. I learned to communicate in a new language. I  discovered my love for photography. But most importantly, I learned first-hand that you can belong anywhere.

And by some kind of magic, I have the opportunity to go back.

For the past few years, DaVinci Wine has hosted a "Storyteller Experience" in which four artists are invited to spend a week with them in Tuscany to give their own take on the DaVinci story. After seeing Leela's adventures last year, I became so nostalgic that I bookmarked my calendar to keep an eye out to enter the contest this year. And I'm a finalist!

If you have a moment, I would really appreciate your vote to get me back to Italy. Anyone can vote every day now through July 31st. 

I feel extremely honored for the opportunity to discover new adventures in my adopted home country-- and for the chance to see my host parents again. 

Vote here!

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