monday musings

osa blooms

I hope you don't mind me getting a little random here. Over the past few years, I've been overwhelmed believing that I needed to dedicate this space to one thing. First it was my travels abroad, then it was home life, then it was my work. And now that all of those things are kind of squished together, I don't know if I can commit to just one. Here's what I do know:

- I love food but not styling (ok, maybe once in a while)
- Who would want to read about how my apartment/plants/living alone is going? (the answers are: adorbs/I'm 13-2 so far/good and weird)
- Sometimes, I feel like I have an abundance of random information I want to share and just *wait* for the moment someone will ask me about tips for booking flights and things to keep in mind during interviews. 
- I'm considering putting together a Q&A series called "Cara Celeste" ('Dear Celeste' in Italian) where you can ask me anything.
- And sometimes I spend the entire day in bed, thinking about spring rolls, and proud of my one accomplishment of the day (making this gif)

And while I don't think there's really a purpose to this post, other than that I miss writing and rambling and putting it somewhere, I'd like to refresh this space and dedicate it to whatever the hell I want. A wanderlogue, if you will. To potential/current/future clients: I hope it'll give you glimpses of both my work and the lady behind the lens. To friends I haven't spoken to in a while: you're totally welcome to e-stalk me (I'm on Insta, too), but I'd really love to talk to you, too. And to anyone and everyone reading this, thank you for being here.

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