mni wiconi | water is life


If you follow along on any social media, you'll recognize this calendar I can't stop blabbing about.

It's a postcard calendar, which means that at the end of each month you can cut along the dotted line at the back and send a note to a friend. The bottom half also includes a quote by a woman, which was half to celebrate women and half not to waste that space. This you can hang on your wall or alongside your mirror or tattoo on your heart-- the quotes mean that much to me.

The calendar features 12 photos of the California coast, my forever muse, alongside lettering by the talented Alyce at A Luxe Contraband. I've been dreaming of putting together a calendar for years, and am so excited to hold this in my hands.

All this being said, the thing I'm the most proud of is that I'm able to donate 50% of all proceeds to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe as they protect their land, water, and lives against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

This year has been weighing on me so much, and it felt like all I could do was slip into helplessness. When I remembered that Standing Rock's motto is "mni wiconi" and means "water is life," this felt like a natural way to support a cause that means so much, with a project that means a lot to me.

Anyway! I'm really proud. It's ocean-inspired, WOC created, and benefits people who really need us. 

get your calendar here

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