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a litte makeover

november 8-13th

Who am I kidding-- this is a BIG makeover!

The amazing and wonderfully talented Suzy created my new header and sidebar illustrations and I am in love! (I tweaked the rest of the layout myself). If anyone is thinking of giving their blog a new look, I highly recommend her-- she's an amazing artist and really easy to work with.

Instead of completely revamping everything and pretending like nothing happened, I thought I'd give a little insight to the illustrations. I asked Suzy to add the books, tea, globe, and stars because I felt that together, they represented my little corner of the internet.

Books: Some of my best childhood companions. My favorite way to get lost is in a book.

Tea: I'm obsessed (especially with tea parties) and it represents my blog's "food tendencies."

Globe: For all the travels, you know?

Stars: My name, Celeste Noche, means "heavenly night." I've always admired the night sky so I think my parents did a good job naming me.

Other than that-- I hope you'll take a look around! Everything is updated and new!

*Photos from the week.

PS - This is the original drawing I sent in to Suzy. It's pretty sweet that she got THAT ^^^ from this:


florence in film

favorite view
gelateria lorenzo
borderline terrifying
della signorina
throughout the city
along the arno

I wish I used film more.

Rhianne is a friend I really admire because she's so dedicated to film that she'll pack multiple film cameras with her for one trip-- just so she has each camera on hand when the moment calls for it.

This batch of film wasn't supposed to turn out. I had just crossed the Ponte Vecchio and somehow, for no reason whatsoever, I dropped my precious little yellow holga onto the cobblestone street. Its back popped open, exposing my film to the midday sun and I thought, "surely this whole roll of film is ruined." (Actually, I thought a whole string of expletives but I'll keep those to myself).

And then these turned up! What a miracle. This is what I love the most about film. You can't check your photos immediately after taking them-- and in my case, it takes me so long to develop a roll that I completely forget what I'd originally shot. And when something turns up-- it's the best feeling.

Every camera snap is a flutter of hope. A wish and a prayer that what you see will be captured the way you want it, in one of the most beautiful mediums on the planet.

PS - My shameless loves are over at Molly's today!

(They're embarrassing but I embrace them).

the violet

It seems ironic that the day after I write this post, my "Do Something That Scares You" article comes out with The Violet's summer issue.

I wrote to Camilla, asking her if she thought it'd still be a good idea to publish the article even though au pairing didn't work out. This is what she said,"

I'm so sorry to hear that it didn't work out - but you know I still think it's incredibly brave that you tried. I'm sure you learned something from it...and that's worth everything

I'm going to go ahead and keep the article in because it's a good story - and it's your story. You did something that scared you....

It's not about the end result - its about the effort. Right?"


Merriam Webster defines "adventure" like this: an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks. I took the risk, I did something that scared me. And now I have a story to tell.

So, without further ado, I present you with the The Violet Summer 2011 issue. Lucky for me on French time, I've been able to go through the entire magazine already and I am in love. I'm honored to be part of such a positive, inspiring collection.

PS - Thank you for all of your kind words and support. Really, I feel so lucky.
PPS - I'm on page 69!

things to love {about los angeles}

by the lovely Stephanie

{because uggs still remain a trend in los angeles}

1. little tokyokoreatownlittle ethiopia- los angeles is a little bit of the world, in one city
2. every band or artist will always have a show here. ellie goulding had two shows in the states. one was in los angeles. you bet i bought tickets right away
3. we are home to the trendy cafes you see on blogs and tabloids
4. food trucks are all the rage now and they're everywhere! ... in LA
5. we have winning sport teams and yes, i am talking about the los angeles lakers. we also have a great usc vs. ucla rivalry and baseball teams such as the angels and dodgers!
6. bombdiggity music venues and of all sorts - small, intimate, big, or outdoors
7. the diversity in nationalities, religions, food
8. there is every sort of activity available! shopping, visiting the beach, countless museums, there is a whole range! mind i say, we have awesome weather to do these awesome activities. you can snowboard, go to to desert, and visit the beach all in one day if you wanted to!
9. how they cater to my late night, mexican food cravings... and for cheap
10. trademark signs like this one and this one

{urth caffe}

{usc football game}

{huntington beach}

{the roxy / el tepeyac cafe}

And the "things to love" series is back! Thank you so much to Stephanie for sharing her perspective of LA! Her list and photos make me wish I could take a little road trip down south, but I might have to wait until after I graduate. In the mean time, I'll have to make due with my beaches and burritos up north.

If you have a list of things you love about your city, feel free to send it in (with a photo of your feet)! celeste.noche (at)

the green monster

the green monster

After hearing the lovely Camilla tweet about the Green Monster nonstop, I finally gave in and asked what all the rage was about. Best. Decision. Ever. I'm sure by now all of you think I'm the most hyperbolic person in the world since I'm in love with everything I blog about, but isn't it nice to have a place where you can just talk and talk about things you love? I think so. Anyway, when I saw the ingredients for the green monster I was a little hesitant. A spinach shake? Umm... Well, it turns out you can't taste the spinach at all. All you get is banana + vanilla soy milk goodness (a lovely thing to wake up with, in my opinion).

the ingredients
monster moustache? i'll probably regret this

the green monster adapted from
Green Monster Movement

2 cups fresh spinach
1 tablespoon flax seeds
a few cubes of ice
1 banana
1 cup vanilla soy milk (or any milk)

Add everything to your blender or immersion blender cup in this order. Blend on high until smooth. Love.

P.S. - My dear friend Lily has started a fashion blog and I just wanted to share her corner of the internet with you. One thing that distinguishes her from other fashion bloggers is that she doesn't rely on the dress + tights + heels combo in every post. She wears pants! And sweaters! And she explains why she does what she does. And she is beautiful. You can see her in all of her loveliness here.