l'università di bologna

the university of bologna is the oldest in europe (founded in 1088). these are just a few images from the university museum with its many globes, and then also from the terrace rooftops. bologna has the prettiest red roofs and these angles really allow you to see the towers, as opposed to the bird's eye view from the towers.

san luca

on wednesday my friend nikolas came up from florence to visit me here in bologna. bologna is pretty small so we mostly just walked around and then we decided to take the hike up to the basilica della madonna di san luca, or.. just san luca for short. when i took italian last fall, i did a report on bologna so i've known about this walk for a while and wanted to walk up when i visited in february but didn't have enough time.

the trail up to the church is a 30-40 minutes walk through 666 porticos, uphill and with many steps. it was quite the work out just walking but once in a while we'd get passed by someone who was actually working out (running, speed walking, etc). i think they were pretty dedicated to the bella figura to be running up the porticos in 89 degree heat.

the porticos felt endless. every time we thought we saw the end of the porticos, we'd turn the corner and see another long stretch of porticos before us. but, we FINALLY made it. the little church was lonely and beautiful, and we felt triumphant.

bologna, first things first

when i visited bologna in february, i posted about the city herehere and here. now that i've done most of the touristy things, i'm not sure what else to say. but i think my first bologna gelato and proof of centro lame behind our apartment are good places to start.

not myself

i've been here in bologna for almost three days now and i haven't taken a single picture.

hopefully this will change tomorrow.

more things

1. i am in bologna
2. it's not as hot here as it was in the philippines... yet
3. i've been here for a whole day and i haven't had gelato.. what's wrong with me?
4. oh right, my lymph nodes have been swollen for the past 3 days and hurt a lot
5. i have a cute little flat that i share with two girls: georgina and mija
6. learning latin is like doing review for greek
7. except in another language and with an alphabet that's less pretty
8. right behind our living complex there's a shopping complex called "centro lame"
9. i have been watching a lot of the world cup
10. 27 days until home

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