clear lake

diana, diana, diana, i would die for you

something growing
lake coast
looking out
flying off
in a row
sittin' on the dock of the lake
little boys

I'm in love with you completely
I'm afraid that's all I can do.*

My first photos with my Diana lens! I've been hesitant to get the film camera because I can't be bothered with 120 film, but I'm happy with the way these turned out. It was hard to keep myself from taking a photo with this lens and one with my "normal" lens, but I like that I only have photos in this format. It makes them more special.

PS - See those little boys in the last two photos? Well, I was smitten with their silhouettes so I snapped away like a madwoman and suddenly heard, "ARE YOU TAKING PICTURES OF US?!" Probably one of my more embarrassing moments but they were really cute about it and didn't mind one bit.

*from "A Man/Me/Then Jim" by Rilo Kiley

new year's on the pier

the pier

We rang in the New Year in Lake County, just at the edge of Nice and right before Lucerne. This Nice didn't much resemble its better-known namesake, but it was gorgeous.

thanks david
square collage

We went out to take photos of my New Year's resolution for The Violet and all of a sudden our photos got really mushy. Sorry, guys. These kinds of photos are pretty rare for us but there was just something about the day and the light... and the boy, of course.

I couldn't help but get a little carried away here. And here and here and here.

It was a nice way to begin 2012.