notes from the road


We took an overnight train from Florence and woke up in Munich this morning.

Now that I've taken some time off work, it's strange shifting my focus to set out and explore. I've been to Munich before but don't remember it well. We've been setting off in whichever direction seems right and enjoying the things we find along the way.

Photos from a Florence photo booth. My favorite souvenir to date.


firenze & orvieto instagrams

I almost can't believe I'm back.

I've been working in Florence for the past couple of days and am so happy, so lucky, so blessed to call this city one of my homes. The best part? Already knowing the streets. Or visiting my favorite gelateria every day for the past three days (whoops). Or speaking (broken) Italian. Or having dinner with my host parents. Or showing David my favorites spots. Or introducing David to my host parents.

Everything is the best part.

florence in film

favorite view
gelateria lorenzo
borderline terrifying
della signorina
throughout the city
along the arno

I wish I used film more.

Rhianne is a friend I really admire because she's so dedicated to film that she'll pack multiple film cameras with her for one trip-- just so she has each camera on hand when the moment calls for it.

This batch of film wasn't supposed to turn out. I had just crossed the Ponte Vecchio and somehow, for no reason whatsoever, I dropped my precious little yellow holga onto the cobblestone street. Its back popped open, exposing my film to the midday sun and I thought, "surely this whole roll of film is ruined." (Actually, I thought a whole string of expletives but I'll keep those to myself).

And then these turned up! What a miracle. This is what I love the most about film. You can't check your photos immediately after taking them-- and in my case, it takes me so long to develop a roll that I completely forget what I'd originally shot. And when something turns up-- it's the best feeling.

Every camera snap is a flutter of hope. A wish and a prayer that what you see will be captured the way you want it, in one of the most beautiful mediums on the planet.

PS - My shameless loves are over at Molly's today!

(They're embarrassing but I embrace them).

florence at night

It was different than the first time. The streets were filled with hand-holding lovers, the air was warm, and there was a hushed buzz throughout the city center.

basilica di santa maria del fiore
midnight gelato
le donne
santa maria novella
ponte vecchio
a couple

Everything just glowed.

I remember thinking how much I'd miss it. The narrow streets, the uneven cobblestone, peeks of the Duomo, the infinitely tall buildings. I think that once streets become familiar, you've found a new home.

the hidden terrace


I had no idea that my host parents had a terrace during my 2+ months studying in Florence. We never ate in it because it was always so cold in the winter-- I only discovered it the following summer, when I came back for a weekend visit.

the beautiful terrace

It's one of the most beautiful, homey, and special places to me. This time, when I came back to Florence this August, we ate almost every meal outside, under the grape vines and on checkered table cloths.

fresh mozzarella!
every day
dessert wine and tiramisu

But the best part was being with my host family and enjoying the best home-cooked meals from Maibritt (mozzarella salad, panzanella, dessert wine, and tiramisu pictured here). They brought me back to my happy months as a student in Italy, and made me feel even luckier to have a family like this.