sunset in kisserup

Sunset was my favorite time in Denmark.


Maibritt and Luciano lived in a tiny little town called Kisserup. Their house was a quick bike ride away from "the beach" and we'd make the trip out as soon as we finished dinner.

favorite feet of the trip
silly host parents

Always in time for the sunset.


And it always warmed my heart.

love at first sight (the danish edition)

little houses

My first day in Denmark was the most wonderful, most camera-regret filled day of my entire two-month trip. Seeing Luciano and Maibritt (my host parents from Florence) waiting for me at the airport was such a sight for sore eyes. Instead of taking the hour-long route from Copenhagen to Kisserup, they decided to take the route più lunga ma più bella, or longer but more beautiful.

picnic area
gelato with luciano and maibritt

Well... we got lost. But I couldn't tell the difference. It was so beautiful-- everywhere we went there was a view of the ocean no matter which direction we were facing. Right before we arrived at their house, we found a little road-side ice cream stop with a huge "backyard."

behind the gelateria

And after we finally got back and had dinner, we took a quick bike ride down the road to the shore. I had no idea what to expect, and assuming we were just riding and coming back, I left my camera.

Big. Mistake.

What I missed out on capturing was the most beautiful sunset I'd ever seen. To be honest, I'm not even sure if I could have captured how perfect it was. But, these last few sunset photos by Luciano (from another day) are pretty close to what we saw.

kisserup by luciano spinosi
kisserup by luciano spinosi
kisserup by luciano spinosi
kisserup by luciano spinosi

Suffice it to say, Denmark has shot up to the top of my "countries I adore" list-- and this was just the first day.

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