summer in potsdam

lily pads
german wine bar
happy in the summer
summer pasta
at the park

This isn't wanderlust. I don't just want to go anywhere, I want to go back to summertime in Germany. When I was in Europe I was able to visit David three times and each time Potsdam was so lovely. Eating outside, shorts and dresses, walking everywhere.

Maybe it's because yesterday I spent two hours in traffic, in the rain. Or maybe it's because David finally posted his Potsdam photos (with a lot of encouragement from me). But every time I look at these I get a lot of nostalgia for a place I just barely got to know.

neues palais an der orangerie

this is where david went to school. well, i'm not sure if he had any classes in this building specifically, but this- neues palais (new palace)- is where the university of potsdam is. the palace is connected to the royal park sansoucci, where there are tons of gardens and other architectural treasures. these photos are from another walk that david and i took around the park. we started at neues palais and didn't get too far since... well, the park is gigantic.

scenes from potsdam

potsdam is a small city 25 minutes outside of berlin by train. it's known as the location where the potsdam conference was held and overall is a very historical town. (it's really famous for its palaces, but more on those later). this is where david spent his 4 months in germany- studying at the university of potsdam. i was fortunate enough to visit a few times- once when we were just finishing our european adventure, the second when i had just come back from the philippines, and the third when we spent our last week in europe together before flying home. these photos are from one day when we started at the dragon house and then took a path that took us into a random residential area. it's a bright, quiet, charming kind of town.