the green monster

the green monster

After hearing the lovely Camilla tweet about the Green Monster nonstop, I finally gave in and asked what all the rage was about. Best. Decision. Ever. I'm sure by now all of you think I'm the most hyperbolic person in the world since I'm in love with everything I blog about, but isn't it nice to have a place where you can just talk and talk about things you love? I think so. Anyway, when I saw the ingredients for the green monster I was a little hesitant. A spinach shake? Umm... Well, it turns out you can't taste the spinach at all. All you get is banana + vanilla soy milk goodness (a lovely thing to wake up with, in my opinion).

the ingredients
monster moustache? i'll probably regret this

the green monster adapted from
Green Monster Movement

2 cups fresh spinach
1 tablespoon flax seeds
a few cubes of ice
1 banana
1 cup vanilla soy milk (or any milk)

Add everything to your blender or immersion blender cup in this order. Blend on high until smooth. Love.

P.S. - My dear friend Lily has started a fashion blog and I just wanted to share her corner of the internet with you. One thing that distinguishes her from other fashion bloggers is that she doesn't rely on the dress + tights + heels combo in every post. She wears pants! And sweaters! And she explains why she does what she does. And she is beautiful. You can see her in all of her loveliness here.