(graduation) weekend

the menu
by David Gonzales
i'm classy
the boys

This past weekend seemed to go by just as quickly as these past four years.

The senior class had a beautiful dinner on the main quad right in front of Memorial Church. There were so many people I didn't know (there are 1600 of us!) but everyone was dressed so nicely.

It wasn't only Stanford's graduation weekend, but UC Santa Cruz's as well. I got to see David graduate while also meeting up with my roommates (all 5 of them!) from sophomore year. I still remember our tiny apartment with no kitchen and I can't believe that was almost two years ago.

And last, you might be wondering why Anna and I are dressed up as housewives. Stanford has a really fun tradition where senior dress up (in costumes, with banners, etc) and walk into our stadium during our "Wacky Walk." Among the hilarious costumes were tetris, pac man, the house from Up, and Wall-E. Anna and I decided to dress up as housewives because we'd been "domestic" all year in our little apartment.

Then I packed up the rest of my apartment, had a beautiful dinner in San Francisco complete with a gin gin mule, and promptly went home to pass out from exhaustion.



49 essays
23 finals
5 countries
3 languages
9 jobs
12 roommates
5 schools
and 4 years later...

I'm a college graduate!


lilac and red
bees and things

In the past week I've taken my last college finals, submitted a final project on food photography, booked my flight, spent a quick 24 hours in Santa Cruz, driven through San Francisco in a limo, gone salsa dancing, worked, attempted to pack, dressed up, under-slept, and made risotto.

I still need to attend graduation, move all of my stuff, go to David's graduation, learn French, write thank you notes, and conquer my "to do" list.

Sometimes, you just need to stop and enjoy the wildflowers.

camera heaven

camera heaven

Sort of along the themes of "school ending" and "graduation," I wanted to post a photo from the digital photography class I took this quarter.

Before this April I had never taken a photography class ever. After saving up my work money from freshmen through senior years of high school, I finally bought an SLR and fell in love. Since then it's traveled the world with me, it's been snuck into concerts, and it's my constant companion in the kitchen. (My brother-in-law also likes to refer to it as my "G14 Classified").

Up until this course most of my photos were taken with my vague knowledge of how a camera really functions. From my own experience, I knew that I hated flash, I adjusted shutter speed when needed, and I rarely ever changed things in Photoshop. While I still prefer not to post-process, this course (and an amazing day assisting Rachel Thurston) has taught me to really embrace manual settings to make my photos truly my own.

This photo is one from our "Night & Color" Assignment where one of the requirements was to paint with light. I just loved how this one turned out-- it's like each wisp of light is a little halo over each camera. My own personal camera heaven.*

*Cameras from my small antique camera collection.


Click here to see my class portfolio.


salmon and avo
little raiza
raine and chop chop
caramel chocolate cake

I love long weekends! Especially when they include nieces, wine & cheese surprise birthday parties, and sushi.

In exactly one week I will be done with everything school related (that is, finals and final projects) and earlier tonight I just finished my last college essay ever (in Italian and about food blogs! go figure).

I'm looking around my little room and remembering the day I moved in last September. I made David get up at 8 in the morning because I wanted to be here early. I met Jenna for the first time in the parking lot. I rearranged the furniture and removed the closet doors.

Now my room is a disaster. Everything is unkept and sprawled out so I can "get to it" once I'm done with all of my school work. On my last day I don' t think I'll have David with me, Jenna is already moved out, and I have to move the furniture back to where it originally was.

I feel like I'm completing some kind of circle. This room will be exactly as it was when I first moved in (assuming I can replace those closet doors correctly...) and it'll be like I was never here. It's a life lesson I'd never expected from college.

In other news, I went to see Bridesmaids with David and cried during almost the entire movie. I'm not sure what was wrong, I just couldn't help it.