dylan thomas' house
dylan thomas' house
the view from dylan thomas' house
the view from thomas' backyard

Tonight I'm a sort of in a Dylan Thomas mood. Not the raging alcoholic side, but the poet. These photos are from my first few days in the U.K., when my Oxford program took a trip throughout Wales. We stopped in Laugharne, where Dylan Thomas lived and spent the latter years of his life. The beachfront seems to go for miles during low tide-- we literally couldn't see the ocean because the sand spanned so far. The best part about his house? The random Pierce Brosnan photo, of course.

But in all seriousness, Wales is really gorgeous. I miss Europe.

edit: I just found out that Pierce has a son named Dylan Thomas Brosnan. Oh, dear.

welsh ducks part ii

when i originally post about these ducks, you couldn't really see the movements they were making. luckily, hiyabel took a little video of it (:

and i promise to blog about the rest of wales (and actual travel-related-matters)
once i finish my two papers :(

the welsh national assembly

as the capital of wales,
cardiff also houses the welsh national assembly building
(at cardiff bay, pictured above)
this morning stop was more on the
... educational...
side of our program trips
but it was still cool (:

the ceiling

where they meet they get their own little computers

this is when our guide sang the welsh national anthem for us :)

where all the commerce happened when

wales was a huge port during their coal mining days

huge water fountain...

also featured in torchwood

just another welsh sign.

i have no idea how to pronounce anything in this language.